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    Staines & District Synagogue

    Our beautiful shul is centrally positioned for Heathrow and the M25. It is also just 40 minutes by car to North London, and similarly by train to the City vi Waterloo. 


Our beautiful shul is centrally positioned for Heathrow and the M25. It is also just 40 minutes by car to North London, and similarly by train to the City via Waterloo. 

We have two inspirational Rabbis and our caring and compassionate congregation offers a warm and welcoming experience. 

As an orthodox synagogue under the auspices of the United Synagogue we pride ourselves on being open to all branches of Judaism therefore making everybody feel comfortable in their surroundings. 

Our Rabbis, Rabbi Claude Vecht-Wolf, and Rabbi Eli Goldsobel are both personable and approachable and create a safe and inclusive environment so that a person can either celebrate or reconnect to their identity as a Jew.

Our weekly Shabbat services are conducted by them on:

Friday Nights at 6pm in the winter & 7pm in the summer.

Shabbat morning at 10 am followed by a Kiddush.

If you are anywhere in the world and want to be a shul member, and become eligible for the United Synagogue Funeral Expenses Scheme (FES), come and join Staines-upon-Thames as a country member. 

Alternatively if you want to enjoy our inspiring services then you can join as a full member, both at very competitive rates.

Honorary Membership

Looking to be part of the next big thing since sliced bread. Join on board by setting up a monthly instalments and help support the research and development for the wider communities.

Full Membership

Besides for the standard membership like all Synagogues it includes FES, it also gives you access to our warm and vibrant community.

Country Club Membership

We just could not hold ourselves back. We are taking rural and country memberships, and taking your spiritual journey to the next level. 


Where we started...

...our rich history...

...looking forward...


From 1943 above the first Tesco, with Westbrook as the Editor, to  Alan Lynes  decades of dedication and author of The History of Our Community in 2003,  and now...... 

...and now we are growing. We are Archiving our rich history, to soon be available for the public. We are exploring modern and vibrant ways to share our source of weekly inspirations, and welfare support. Social Impact Project with Mitchambers. If you would like to join our weekly e-mailing list, or looking for ways you can get involved, please be in touch at or


Anthony Schipper

Financial Officer & Trustee

The stereotypical thing, the Jew that does the books, but as Anthony will tell you being a Jew is so much more. Anywhere in the world, a Jew we are meeting for the first time, and we still feel the connection. For the numbers or the connection email at

Don & Marilyn Brennar

Honorary Officer & Trustee

Our communitys' own power couple and poster-couple for our Country Club Membership. They are always happy to help and answer your questions, at

Maurice Fellman 

Admin Officer & Trustee

All our archiving, all our administration, Maurice is our guy. If you have any query about your fees, or which page and book to use, email at

Westbrook Road, South Street, 



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